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The Ultimate Background Music Scheduler Created Exclusively for Gyms and Fitness Studios

• Schedule music to play 24/7 •

• Set the music and forget it •

Our Product

The Rock My Gym Music Scheduler is a big step forward in background music. While our competitors offer background music/playlists consisting of individual songs shuffled by a computer algorithm, the Rock My Gym Music Scheduler offers music playlists “mixed” by professional DJs that specialize in fitness music.

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Real DJs

Our DJs, which include Grammy award winners, carefully select the best music tracks and then masterfully mix them together in an upbeat format,  making our music channels perfect for your overhead music in a fitness business.

The result is music that is consistently upbeat and energizing for your customers with no awkward pauses or slow songs!


Hear the difference!

Words are cheap. Hear the difference between the same two songs mixed by our music professionals compared to what other music services produce via their computer ai.


Our music is truly a differentiator for your business and sets itself apart from the ordinary music “shuffle” offered by other music services.


Easily schedule your music for the entire week

Access the scheduler in a web browser and efficiently schedule the genre of music you want to play during different parts of the day. Schedule music to play 24/7 and have 20 channels (different genres) to choose from to cater to your customer demographic during different times of your business day.


Properly Licensed for Business Use

Did you know that playing popular consumer music apps at a business violates U.S. Copyright Law? That’s right, using Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube music, or Amazon music violates copyright law because those music apps are licensed for individual, consumer use only (read their terms of service). Playing consumer licensed music to your customer at a business is against the law and punishable by fines that could easily total millions of dollars. Make sure you use a business licensed music service!


20 Music Channels

Channels are centered around different genres or themes that are constantly refreshed with new content.


Music 24/7

Schedule music for a 24-hour day for 7 days that will repeat every week.


Set it and forget it

Fill the week with music, turn the scheduler on, then move on to those 101 other things on your list and don't worry about music again.

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At the right price

A Rock My Gym subscription is $31.99/month
and includes unlimited listening.

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